12 Best Rock Festivals In Australia

1. Fall’s Festival

Fall’s Festival

Fall’s festival is a music and art festival which starts from December end and goes on till the first week of January. The festival hosts several music, dance, circus, theatre, and other performances. The artists generally play indie, rock, hip hop, and electronic music. The turnout of people is overwhelming and this festival attracts many people as it has an amazing set of line up artists and performances.

Location: Lorne, Victoria Marion Bay, Tasmania Fremantle, Western Australia, and Yelgun, NSW
Dates: 28th December to 8th January
Cost: AUD 400-2000

2. Groovin The Moo


It is the music festival that is annually held across 6 different places in Australia. It was initially started in 2005, as the crowd became larger and larger every year, the organizers decided to host the festival every year in different venues. The shows started selling out and it soon became immensely popular. Various artists come and perform at this festival every year.

Location: Various towns and cities across Australia
Dates: Late April – Early May
Cost: AUD 105

3. Splendour In The Grass

Splendour In The Grass

Splendour in the grass also started as a one-day event but later emerged as a multi-day music festival and is now considered country’s largest winter music fest. The tickets of this fest always sell out pretty fast every year and the line-up is amazing and huge. It even got the “Favourite Line-up” award in 2009.

Location: Byron Bay
Dates: Late July – Early August
Cost: AUD 130

4. Pyramid Rock Festival

Pyramid Rock Festival

The Pyramid rock festival happens on the New Year’s Eve and is a campout rock music fest. This music festival is not like others. The locals and also people from other countries camp outside where a stage is set and international and local artists perform all night. There is nothing like camping out while listening to various artists and enjoying the night. It is definitely an unusual and exciting experience every music lover would die for.

Location: Phillip Island, Victoria
Dates: 30th December – 1st January

5. Village Fair

Village Fair

Village fair is an annual musical festival held in Bathurst, Australia. It initially started as a community festival for students of Charles Strut University but now it has grown a lot bigger and features many popular Australian artists. It is organized by the students of the university every year. The Village Fair has attracted several upcoming Australian artists and famous DJs.

Location: Bathurst, Australia
Dates: Late September – Mid-October
Cost: AUD 50

6. Good Things


Good things is the annual music fest held in the major cities of Australia. The genres include rock, punk, emo, and metal. This music fest started in 2018 and became the biggest music festival held in Australia. There are many international artists who perform along with a few local bands. Have an amazing time attending this splendid music festival.

Location: Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne
Dates: 7th and 9th December

7. Rock It

Rock It

Rock It is an Australian music festival which mostly features modern rock music. It is one of the major concerts held in the region annually. As this festival focuses on rock music, all the rock lovers are sure to have the time of their lives while enjoying the music. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of this amazing music festival this year!

Location: Perth
Dates: Various

8. Undara Outback Rock And Blues

Undara Outback Rock And Blues

This festival features high-quality acts and famous artists and takes place in April. It is a three-day rock and blues music fiesta. It takes place in Undara volcanic national park which makes the venue unusual as compared to other concerts. Generally, various local bands play here so one can experience the non-mainstream music too and listen to original compositions.

Location: Undara Volcanic national park, Australia
Dates: In April (Date varies)
Cost: AUD 170

9. Wind On Water Festival

Wind On Water Festival

Wind on water festival is attended by over 10,000 people every year and is one of the most significant events held by the city of Geraldton every year. This festival features several high-profile performances and lasts for about 12 hours. Ending with fireworks, Wind on water festival showcases Australian traditions and culture through music!

Location: Geraldton, Australia
Dates: April 21st – 22nd
Cost: AUD 25

10. Jungle Love Festival


The Jungle Love festival happens every year and has several local artists performing. It attracts people from all over the world due to its fairylike setting. Along with great music to groove to, this festival also has various other attractions and is set along the Yabba creek which makes the organizers host a variety of activities one can enjoy while listening to some great music.

Location: Brisbane, Australia
Dates: November 29- December 1
Cost: AUD 199

11. Kyneton Music Festival

Kyneton Music Festival

Kyneton music festival has the best Australian bands performing live music while you groove and dance to the rhythm. Many famous Australian bands and artists have performed in this festival. This music festival has become so famous that the tickets sell out very soon. The audience is always left in awe of the amazing performances held at this festival. This festival promotes Aussie music.

Location: Kyneton, Australia
Dates: October end
Cost: AUD 30-80

12. The Grass Is Greener

The Grass Is Greener

It is another music festival in which the audience can enjoy heart-pounding music at an electrifying venue and amazing stage presentation. The Grass is Greener is a boutique music festival. Musicians of all genres perform here and hence with every change of genre the vibes of the place change. The music lovers can explore various genres and not just stick to one in this fest.

Location: Queensland
Dates: April end
Cost: AUD 79

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